Grade Level: 6

Subject: Prepositional phrases

Title: Prepositional 3-D art

Teacher Name: Dawn Bray

School: Bert Rumble Middle Warner Robins Georgia

School Affiliation: Houston County Bd of Ed

BrainPOP Associated Subjects:

Category/ies: english

Brief Description: Students will identify common prepositional phrases, such as "over the rainbow" and "between the lines." They will construct 3-D art projects illustrating the phrase, for example a cotton ball clouds with a colorful rainbow. They will write somewhere on the project a sentence using the phrase and identify the parts of phrase. Hang in the hallway for a colorful and unique display.

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Goals: To be able to identify the parts of a prepositional phrase.

Objectives: Students will be able to identify prepositional phrases and how a preposition shows direction or relationships between words in a sentence.

Teacher Resources: Construction paper, scissors, glue, odd-and-end craft supplies, and some example sentences.

Student Resources: none

Procedure: 1. Show BrainPOP movie on prepositoins.
2. Define and explain prepositions.
3. Identify prepositional phrases in example sentences.
4. Allow students to find sentences of their own (or write their own) with prepositional phrases.
5. Students will illustrate their phrases with a creative 3-D art project and then write their sentence across the project.
6. Have students identify the parts of their prepositional phrase.

Assessment: Several options for assessment are available. Here is one suggestion: Allow up to 20 points for participation of initial lesson (movie and teacher directed lesson); allow up to 30 points for correct sentence writing and prepositional phrase identification; allow up to 50 points for 3-D completion of project, such as meeting all of the criteria.

Conclusion: As a follow up, allow students to show their projects to the class and explain to the class their sentences and phrases. As a twist, allow students to switch projects and present other students projects to the class to see if they can identify a new prepositional phrase.

Internet Resources:

Print Resources: grammar text
grade level novel (for example sentences)

Comments: I've taught this lesson for five years, and my middle grades students love it. It is a nice chance to bring art and fun into a stringent curriculum and still meet teaching standards.

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